Returns & Cancellations

* You can return the product you purchased within 14 days from the day you receive it from the cargo, under the following conditions. In this context, you will not pay any "shipping fee" for the products you send back.
* For your return transactions, make sure that the product hygiene tape and label are on it. Returns are not accepted for unlabeled products. 
* It is sufficient to write our company code 724629158 to MNG KARGO with your reason for return on the invoice and send it with counter payment. 
* After your product is received by us, its packaging, accessories and invoice(*) will be checked. If your return does not comply with the return conditions; The relevant product will be sent to your address
* Returns are checked when we receive them and are processed respectively every Friday. Your refund is made automatically according to your payment method. The payment method is automatically refunded in the same way as "Credit Card in advance" or "Credit Card in installments". * When the product price refund process is completed, an information message will be sent to your registered e-mail
* The reflection of your payment to your account may differ according to the processing times of the banks.


The size change of the purchased product is based on the same product. In order to change the size of a different product, you must first return the product you purchased.
* Check if the product you want to change size is in stock.
* It is sufficient to specify which size of the same product you want to change on the invoice and send it to MNG KARGO by writing our company code 724629158 and with counter payment. 
* Your cargo will be sent back to you by changing the size on the day we receive your cargo. 


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